Ali Bello, Connection Caracas – New York

On Thursday October 24th, we celebrate with gusto, the launch of the new album by prominent Venezuelan violinist Alí Bello, at Zinc Bar, NYC.

Connection Caracas – New York” is the new production of Ali Bello, where Ali shows us a new one, more mature, not only in performance but also in his compositions. This album shows a deep commitment in Venezuelan roots, manifested in the inclusion of different Venezuelan folk rhythms. There is also a strong component of important aspects of everyday life as elements of inspiration, as he told us before the performance of each of tunes.

Since the opening with quitiplás (Afro-Venezuelan percussion instrument) of his tune Amare in Joropo rhythm. Going through the intervention full of deep feeling of Leonardo Granados, with a venezuelan country work song on connecting dialogue with Ali’s violin. Until the inclusion of culo ‘e puyas (Afro-Venezuelan drum set) speak versatility and dynamism in incorporating various elements to tell the story. Tunes like “In G”, dedicated to his wife, or his dog inspired “Kiss”, talk about the importance of family life in the creative process of Ali Bello.

The band:
Ali Bello: Violin, Javier Olivencia: Saxs, Juancho Herrera: Guitar and Cuatro, Alvaro Benavides: Bass, Neil Ochoa: Percussion, Willie Martinez: Drums, Leonardo Granados: Voice and Maracas.



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