Artist Development

What We Do

Our goal is to help develop bands until they are self sustainable or ready to sign to a label. Our artist development campaign is designed to help artists speed up the process of establishing a successful career as musicians. This is an intensive process where we work along side the artist to help them:

Album Production Process

Album Production Process

  1. Define their mission and goals.
  2. Develop their unique sound.
  3. Create quality product.
  4. Discover exactly who their fans are and where they engage.
  5. Develop a relationship with those fans through social media.
  6. Form a creative and sustainable business model.

After helping an artist define their mission and develop a business plan, here are the individual services that we offer them:

Album production

We still believe that when it comes to music, CONTENT IS KING! This means that our primary concern when developing an artist is making sure that their album is great. We do this by gathering a team of the best engineers, producers and mixers for each unique artist and creating an album that not only fits who they are, but is the best version of who they can be. Our album production includes a fully finished album from pre-production through mastering.

Promotion and Social Media Management

We build artist brand by contributing guest posts to reputable publications, managing social media, doing Online Video. The more authority and credibility you have in place for your production, the easier it will be to get more exposure.

Social Media Management

twitter follow me Facebook like Social Media is not only the most cost efficient way to promote and produce content, but it is critical for fan engagement. We help artists be more effective by performing daily market research to find where their target market is engaging online. We develop a content strategy that will provide engaging content for their audience, schedule posts for all social media sites, and promote them to their target market daily by using principals social media as a home base to invite and engage real fans.

Online Video development

vimeo logo YouTube Logo The music industry is no longer just about music. Fans want to see and engage as much as they listen. Because of this we feel that Online Video is a critical part of an artist’s career. Artists need to continually create quality video content as well as engage in the Online Video social scene. We help artists form a content strategy, produce videos and engage in the community to gain fans.


writersOur publicists write copy, press releases, engage blogs and magazines and perform all the necessary tasks to make sure that our artist’s product gets in front of the right people who will appreciate it and spread it to the masses.

Media production

Media ProducersWe have assembled a great community of videographers, photographers, designers, and web developers to create all the media that is needed for each artist’s unique needs. Being artists themselves, this team is committed to creating the an appealing visual presentation that most accurately captures who our artist is.