Business Consulting

WiSE conneX‘s business transformation philosophy is built on the three Ps – Products, Process and People. These are the fundamental ingredients that differentiate any business, and success or failure is directly related to right harnessing of these elements.

Your company does not operate in a vacuum, so keep your mind, eyes & ears open.

There are no magic pills, failsafe methods or guaranteed “off the shelf” processes that can save or enlighten an organization. There is also no substitute for “in depth” business understanding and dispassionate analysis. It is only by getting to know your organization intimately that WiSE conneX can deliver a review which is constructive, objective and realistic. Our judgment is clear and is not clouded by internal organizational dynamics or by personal subjective views. It is also not tainted by years of “the way things have always been done here“.

People, Process, Products -> Success Personas, Procesos, Productos -> Exito We will get to know your business by carrying out one-to-one interviews with key staff and by holding group discussions at all levels. We also talk to your customers, to get a complete 360° view. In effect, we will become part of your day-to-day operation, so that we can experience your challenges first hand. It is only by working in such close proximity with you, your employees and your customers that we can gain the experience of your organization that we ultimately need if we are going to help you to make a difference.

After this work has taken place we will produce a detailed report which highlights your strengths as a business. This report will show the areas where you excel, so that you can protect and maximize the hard-earned benefits of these – but it will also find weaknesses and areas for improvement, as well as looking at opportunities to move ahead of the competition. Our reports are unpretentious and unambiguous, concise and to the point – and where needed, we will grab the bull by the horns and “tell it how it is”. We will bring new ideas which will excite and energize your staff – and so release the potential power of your organization.


Benchmarking, product fit, identifying product enhancements, competitive positioning, and new product definition and development process.

    • In depth Product Life Cycle (PLC)
    • analysis
    • Review of current products
    • Recommendation on new products or services
    • Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM) tools

Appropriate marketing mix, full exposure programs, benchmarking, effective marketing plan development and realistic ROI analysis.

    • Marketing Audit
    • Review of marketing mix
    • Competitive analysis
    • R.O.I. tools

Existing and potential routes to market report, channel capabilities and skills gap audit, alternative routes to market, capacity inhibitor audit, review of existing markets, evaluating new markets, creating entry plans, channel policy development and implementation.

    • Routes-to-market analysis
    • Product and channel fit
    • Channel capacity measurement tools
    • Existing markets validation
    • New market entry analysis and plans
    • Channel development plans and tools