Creating Value

WiSE conneX offers a range of services which have been designed to help you set up the value of, and potential uplifts in, the net worth of your business. These include partnership or strategic acquisitions, segment exits, rationalisation, preparation for disposal and management of the disposal process itself.


Value of any business is enhanced with recurring revenue stream.

WiSE conneX will value your business with a view to eventual disposal. This changes the perspective from a P&L or balance sheet driven valuation to a potential ‘worth and reliable assets’ valuation. In other words, we will look to uncover hidden worth in your business and show you how to realize it.


Once we have established the potential value of your business, we will help you to maximise its value by ensuring that it is in prime condition and ready for sale, merger or acquisition. We will add polish to your processes, make sure your assets are delivering value and dispose of those that are not. We will also clearly identify and contain your liabilities and risk, and identify and refine your offer to market on the basis of your unique strengths.


do again We will create ‘noise’ around the business and will also identify and qualify bidders until negotiations reach a satisfactory outcome. Working closely with your legal and financial advisers on the deal itself, we will prepare your staff and your key players for completion, identify transition processes to ensure success for all sides and also firefight problems as they arise, in what is bound to be a complex and shifting environment.

Identifying core value drivers in the business and realisable potential

    • Valuation Modelling
    • Benchmarking
    • IPR Potential
Solid Business™ – Appropriate marketing mix, full exposure programmes, benchmarking, effective marketing plan development and realistic ROI analysis.

    • People
    • Process
    • Product
Preparing for sale, MBO or IPO, identifying potential investors or buyers, creating demand for the business.

    • Sales/Purchase Plan
    • Partner pre-qualification, negotiation and offer assessment
    • Due diligence and completion