Solid Business

Our approach to SOLID BUSINESS™ is to support your ambitions with our expertise, separating long-term planning from the distractions of day to day business. Our people bring highly specialised industry knowledge and operational skills, coupled with an objective and impartial view of your strengths and challenges.

Intellectual Property Rights is the most sustainable asset

More significantly, our associates understand the needs of large companies as well as SMBs and have dealt directly with these challenges throughout their working lives. They have provided guidance, mentoring and leadership direction to many organisations, helping to deliver revenue growth, profitability, diversification and shareholder value on exits.

Success Elements that are of paramount importance to a successful business include continual review of the macro environment, development of strategic plans, an audit of internal capabilities and an assessment of your organisation’s ability to execute. WiSE conneX’s services include strategic and process reviews, product and go to market analysis, marketing and human resources planning and full project management services.

Our well rehearsed methodology is used in every assignment that we undertake. It allows the separation of strategy from tactics, creating a structured method through which strategies can be defined, objectives can be cascaded and progress can be tracked. Projects are managed through specific and measured deliverables, to avoid the classic symptom of strategies which ‘grow legs’ and becoming unmanageable.

We understand that the language we need to use when dealing with your staff must reflect and respond to their key concerns and motivations at each level. In short, we know how to:

  • Get buy in from directors who need alignment to shareholder values.
  • Ensure that key performance indicators are translated to critical success factors which are understood by managers.
  • Test if frontline and back office staff feel their needs are being satisfied.

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