C4 Trio and Juancho Herrera at Joes Pub, NYC, 2014

Thursday, September 25th, Joe’s Pub, NYC. The packed hall, the sound of a Cuatro, was presented as the appetizer to what would be announced that night of emotions combined with virtuosity. Juancho Herrera opened the concert with his personal proposal for own and others themes, allowing transit through different scenarios each with their characteristic emotions, carrying us from nostalgia to the excitement and at some point by appealing to conscience as content social his lyrics. Social content under an approach that urges survival. Juancho was accompanied with the usual suspects: Ben Zwerin on bass and Yayo Serka on drums, with special guest, in some songs, the wonderful voices of Sofia Rei and Sofia Tosello, each as own it added a new dimension to performance.

Within this framework, we are welcomed C4 Trio, coming from Venezuela, these Cuatro virtuosos (Venezuelan folk instrument), Jorge Glem, Hector Molina and Edward Ramirez, with Rodner Padilla on bass, have demonstrated once again that of the conventional wisdom: it’s not the arrow but the Indian, who makes the difference. Raising the prospect of playing the Cuatro to another level. The instrumental virtuosity was broadly welcomed by an audience that is not contained in applause after each sample of talent and precision. Celebrating his nomination, once again, to the Latin Grammys. Thank you for so much energy and so much enthusiasm.

The green room:

Juancho Herrera:

C4 Trio:




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