Formell x 3 consists of a Trio of New Yorkers musicians, Benjamin Willis on Double Bass, Chuito Quintero on bongos and all-percussion in general, and Juan- Carlos Formell on 12 Strings Guitar, band leader, composer and arranger. This project arose from a need to have a group small but at the same time it sounded great. Juan-Carlos could achieve a trio which sounds big, sounds groovy, it has all the elements of Cuban music reduced by 3 people.

Formell x 3 because the leader: Juan- Carlos Formell but all play in the same energy as Formell play his songs, is like one mind, one soul, one feeling , when they three play together.

Juan-Carlos feels fortunate to have such an extraordinary bassist as Ben. Ben Willis has worked with extraordinary musicians such styles as Latin music , Jazz music, Funk music many styles it has especially Ben is that he makes the harmonies on vocals, he carries all the group weight and the sound of that legacy bass that Formell likes it for this project.

Chuito Quintero who comes from a family of extraordinary musicians especially percussion players. Specific feature that has Chuito which Formell loves: his personality, his ability to play several… various elements of the minor percussion for abstract of Cuban percussion. Cuban Son, Changüí, Nengón, Bolero and all those small format Cuban genres reduced on a single person who sounds great.

Formellx3 at Terraza 7

Formellx3 at Terraza 7

Juan-Carlos Formell incorporated in this new format the concept of 12 strings, where he can make Tumbaos of Tres and guitar strums. It has a big sound, its constitution of 12 strings and at the same time gives the tastiness of the Cuban montuno, the strums which is also used in Cuban music and also the feeling of Blues. It has extensive sonority giving an organic expression of personal music, which is what Juan-Carlos does, very personal music based on different genres of Cuban music.

Hopefully this project them you not only like, but you can enjoy it because they really enjoyed it when they work , when they play. That’s what Juan-Carlos Formell was looking for years here in New York. It’s his project. After nearly three years He has been playing in different places in New York as Guantanamera: a place where there is the wave new Cuban music, Pedrito Martinez Band, Gerardo Contino , and Juan- Carlos Formell, they are there every Sunday. And most important is the phenomenon which happens here in New York: Terraza 7 where extraordinary musicians not only from Cuba, if not all Latin America. A cultural phenomenon is going on in this city, it’s beautiful and Freddy, the manager of this place gave them the opportunity to have their space. It has given them the opportunity to organic creativity, that people may enjoy dancing, they can listen, they can laugh, they can cry, and here they are with this new concept Formell x 3.

Juan-Carlos Formell
Juan-Carlos Formell Formellx3

Grateful to everyone who is supporting me, helping us in this project its name is Formell x 3 with Benjamin Willis and Chuito Quintero. Enjoy it, with all the heart I offer it to you.

Yours truly: Juan- Carlos Formell



Agua Bendita

Formellx3 Agua Bendita Juan-Carlos Formell New York, November 2013




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