Audio Production & Post

audio pro and post For over 25 years our Team has been working in the industry of Audio Production and Post Production. Voice, music and sound effects, sourcing the perfect talent, sweetening, editing and even 5.1 mixing; at WiSE conneX we do it all!

We work on sound design, a wide variety of music projects, and create 5.1 surround sound mixes. We stay very busy with voice over and ADR projects, pre-records and narration.

We often utilize our Fiber Optics capabilities to connect with clients located across the Globe, linking directly to other studios and production groups.

Our audio work can be heard across all types of media, supporting a wide variety of projects including documentaries, radio spots, TV commercials and series, and lots of feature and independent films. We support our client’s goals to communicate, educate, market and entertain.

5.1 Surround Sound

5.1 mix At WiSE conneX we’re known for our 5.1 surround sound capabilities. Today, surround sound is a critical component of film production adding dimension to the audience’s experience when seen and heard in theatres and on home systems.

Contact us for a 5.1 Surround Sound request. Several of our projects are available for purchase or download. Some of our most recent work can be seen in theaters around the world.

ADR – Automated Dialogue Replacement

ADRWiSE conneX has developed relationships with production studios around the world that utilize our ADR services. Our professional staff have made us an excellent choice for local, national and international productions with talent either living in or visiting the New York metro area.

Feature and independent films, commercials, short video work and a wide variety of TV shows use our ADR and VO services; lots of great talent, lots of fun projects!

At WiSE conneX, we feel ADR is often underutilized. It can be the perfect solution to save that perfect scene, to add that line that brings the storyline together. Sometimes we face a post production nightmare where replacing the entire audio track is not only a fix, it’s an option that enhances the entire project. We’re here to help!

Foreign Languaje Translation

Foreign language Translation We have developed partnerships with local linguists and our foreign language services include:

  • Translation available in over 120 different languages
  • All translations completed by two human experts (native speakers)
  • All translations help translate the context behind the phrases
  • No translation by computer software
  • Translation voice over talent specialize in the dialect they are speaking
  • Voice over sessions include a foreign language director
  • We specialize in the many regional Spanish dialects (Spain, Mexico, Central & South American).

Sound Design

sound design Our engineers have served as expert witnesses in important legal decisions dependant on audio evidence. We have been sought to solve audio problems and conundrums that have been deemed unsolvable by other production studios.

On a daily basis, our audio engineers are producing and recording a complete range of audio productions for advertising, entertainment, marketing communications, training, translation, music, software, games, CD, DVD, video and film.

We have access to fully equipped digital audio studios that are the home of WiSE conneX‘s crew of experienced and talented engineers. Our engineers will add their extensive experience to your important audio project to be sure you get the best finished product possible.

Voice Over & Narration

Voice Talent

voice over talentWiSE conneX offers a wide variety of voice over talent to fit every style and delivery: male and female, young or old, serious or comic, individual or multiple voices. We have access to local, national and international talent. Whatever your project needs, we can find just the right voice for you.

Narration Projects

Our clients have relied on us to produce a wide range of narration projects.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • TV & Radio Broadcast Advertising
  • Corporate Training
  • Educational
  • Audio Books (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Textbooks)