Marketing is the key to revenue growth and survival. Sadly, with the exception of large companies which have strong brand images and large marketing departments, many businesses do not have a coördinated and integrated approach to marketing.

WiSE conneX help you review your entire approach and message to the market.

Most companies concentrate their efforts and budgets on the creation of printed marketing materials, advertising and mail shots, and the occasional exhibition or seminar. More worryingly, most cases ‘marketing’ tends to be a series of ad hoc and opportunistic actions, rather than the result of structured planning.

A successful marketing program has to be well thought out with clear, well-defined and measurable goals. Once this set of top line goals has been identified, then an integrated and comprehensive marketing plan can be put together. Any marketing plan which is not focused on meeting these objectives will fail to deliver real measurable results.


Breaking the Old Rules

There is an old marketing myth which would have us believe that the 80/20 rule applies to marketing expenditure. Specifically, that 80% of your marketing budget is wasted and only 20% is effective. It also suggests that no one knows which 20% is effective! This has been promoted as conventional wisdom primarily by advertising agencies and those with an inherent interest in making money out of lavish and often ineffective campaigns.


Creating New Rules

We believe that if you cannot measure the outcome of a marketing campaign, then you should not spend money on it. This is a fundamental philosophy on which everything we do is based, including our marketing programs.

Marketing Our first step is to look at your business needs, followed by a review of your current activities and how effective they are. Once we have identified your needs, your goals and your budget, we can then create an integrated marketing program which will maximise the return on your investment.

These programs could include a range of activities such as PR, personal networking, the creation of marketing materials, collaboration, development of sales channels, web presence or advertising – all of which will be right for your business and your products.