Market Entry

Website MarketingWe have many clients in the technology, health, commercial, and cultural sectors, which means that we come across many equipment manufacturers, product owners and distribution channels. As a result we are able to see synergies, opportunities and technology threats before others do, and we can use this knowledge to gain strategic advantage for our clients.

However, we do not have any affiliations, relationships or agendas with any of these parties and we are able to offer impartial advice when connecting channels to products or when introducing companies which we feel may help from working together in some form.


It would be impossible for us to fulfil our role without having constant dialogue with manufacturers, technology owners and innovators. This allows us to give two key inputs to our customers:

First – we are able to give strategic insight and alerts, and to develop response plans to disruptive technologies, which in turn help to steer product adoption plans.

Second – many of our assignments involve product or service diversification planning. These projects give the perfect opportunity to marry up suitable and motivated channels and vendors to bolster their existing operations, channels and sales.


We have increased our clients channels up to 25%

All vendors, and in particular those based outside of the US territory, are always seeking new channels through which they can offer their products and services.

We can find channels which are able to offer distribution, value-added services or value-added resale. This allows full exploitation of routes to market and builds on synergies between vendors and channels, hence maximizing their respective opportunities.

Reviewing product fitness for market, competitive map, revenue chain analysis, Channel profiling, pricing model.

  • Product Review
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Channel & Market Fit Report

Identifying suitable channels

  • Channel Profile
  • Business Model
  • Campaign Model
  • Support Activities

Market trend review, opportunity assessment, business planning and start-up.

  • Review and Assessment Report
  • Roll Out plan
  • Operational Execution Support