Media Services

WiSE conneX is a new generation media and communications firm dedicated to helping its clients grow their business, broaden their customer base and build brand awareness. We offer a full line of media services, ranging from complete productions to individual services like editing, gradding and streaming video.

media servicesWiSE conneX has the capacity to meet tough deadlines and demanding quality standards. WiSE conneX is driven by marketing and creative talent that has been cultivated by years of experience in retail, finance, healthcare, and government. Specialties include TV commercials, marketing videos, corporate communications and entertainment.

WiSE conneX also offers advanced, custom solutions unavailable from any other source, including point of sale technology and content, interactive learning applications, live webcast services and private television networks. The fast-forward company is known throughout the U.S. for its fresh and innovative approach to film and video communication, producing well over 200 commercials, videos and live telecasts per year.