Video Post-Production

Post-Production Services

Over the years we’ve earned a reputation for producing quality video post production. Part of this success is based on the fact our video and audio teams can work simultaneously supporting high quality projects with tight budgets and time lines.

Edit Suite Our video editing suites support services including: Video editing, color correction, 3D animation and motion graphics, and the ability to support several media channels and formats. Our clients find both value and peace of mind when working with WiSE conneX!

Our success is directly attributable to the level of service and expertise we apply to every project, working directly with media production professionals, advertising agencies and production studios as well as NYC organizations and corporations.

Motion Graphics

Design, Special Effects and 3D animation add depth and contribute to the visual impact of any video production. WiSE conneX have a fully equipped animation and graphics studio inhabited by experienced and talented artists.

Edit Suite

Motion graphics enhance video projects by using motion to express the production’s messages in a way that video alone can not. 3D animation contributes a high level of visual appeal and expands upon the information shown to audiences allowing greater understanding while increasing the ‘WOW’ factor.

Our graphic artists are up-to-date with all of the latest innovations and software in Design, Effects, and 3D programming. They pride themselves in being able to develop unique images for each project.

DVD Authoring

Professional DVD authoring can add a great deal to the viewer’s experience. It involves much more than burning video, audio and other multimedia content to a standard or Blu-Ray DVD disc.

DVD authoring A high-end, targeted experience consists of developing rich motion graphics and menus that engage and captivate. You may be surprised how much effective DVD authoring enhances the success of your communication.

We keep current with the latest authoring technology for Standard Definition and High Definition Blu-Ray DVDs. We offer a free consultation to show you how cost effective and valuable professional DVD authoring can be for your next DVD project.

Video content for the Web

Video Web The advent of YouTube and hundreds of other websites that stream video productions has made adding video content desirable for your critical web presence. Video can express your unique and compelling message with powerful effect to your targeted audiences.

Adding video to your site does not have to be complicated or expensive. You may already have video resources that can be re-purposed to add depth and power to your current web content.

As anyone who’s ever watched a great documentary or television special knows, stories told using audio and video can be amazingly powerful. Whether it reinforces your company brand and mission statement or showcasing a new product offering.

Please Contact us today for a free consultation so we can show you how effective and valuable web video can be for you.

Video Editing

WiSE conneX offers video editing for a wide variety of advertising, industrial and entertainment projects. Our video editing studios can work with raw footage from digital media. We output projects on digital formats including CD and DVD as well as electronic delivery and can finish projects in standard and high definition.

video edit

With over twenty years of video post production, our Team has produced thousands of projects and we offer our clients master storage to give them a place where they can find completed versions of their important productions. As with all WiSE conneX engineers, our video editors will add their extensive experience to your important video project to be sure you get the best finished product possible.

Color Grading

Color Correction As specialists in Grading our job is to make sure that everyone from production through post has the best possible image to work with. Our interests and experience in many fields gives us a unique skill set and perspective to make sure that each project we collaborate on looks its best from capture to finish.

We want to be there from the initial capture in camera to final output from the finishing system. From camera settings and transcoding through color grading WiSE conneX makes sure you have the highest quality files for editorial and effects.

  • Look Creation
  • Digital Re-lighting
  • “Beauty Grade” Retouching
  • Color Correction & Enhancement

  • Unlimited Secondaries & Qualifiers
  • Camera matching
  • Blur/Defocus logos & faces
  • Tracking
  • Stabalization
  • Reframing
  • Pan & Scan
  • De-Noise
  • Legalization
  • Color Space Convertions
  • De-interlacing & De-Flicker

Color Grading