Video Production

Production Services

Production Services defines the complete, script to screen production capability of a production house. The powerful combination of creative and technical skills infused with advertising, entertainment and learning expertise define a production service that’s unlike any other. Staffed with writers, producers, directors and editors, the WiSE conneX team works with clients from concept to completion. The company’s trademark is its unique creative styles, storytelling ability, and marketing savvy. The creative team’s enthusiasm, inspiration and passion resonate through every production, inducing an experience that connects with every viewer, leaving an indelible impression.

TV Advertising

WiSE conneX takes great pride in the long list of winning advertising campaigns in which we have played a part. The company’s trademark of quality stems from a long history of retail advertising. With our Team, having produced over 500 local regional, national and worldwide commercials over a period of 25 years, the WiSE conneX repertoire is wide and extensive.

Experience in product ads, image ads and direct response infomercials give the creative team a well-rounded background from which to draw. The creative team can bring illumination to an existing concept or develop a campaign from scratch.

Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance Insurance

FlagStar Bank

Flagstar Bank

KFC Sander's Salad

KFC – Sander’s Salads

Sales & Marketing Support

The team’s most profound experience stems from the many years of sales support in the form of marketing videos and TV commercials. Producers with backgrounds in marketing understand the sales process and how to communicate a company’s sales message in ways that generates immediate interest and involvement. Their experience in the strategic development of product branding, naming and imaging bring real marketing experience to every production.


  • Sales Videos
  • Video Email
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Video PowerPoint presentations
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Video Premiums
Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter


Hypnos Beds

Joseph Sulkowski

Joseph Sulkowski

Corporate Communication

Digital video, streaming video and interactive web video have made a dramatic impact on internal or external corporate communications. WiSE conneX continues to keep its clients first by providing live webcasts, video podcasts, video emails and private television. From investor relations, to public relations, to employee relations, the company prides itself in introducing clients to next-generation media technology.

BlueStar Communications

BlueStar Comm.

FlagStar Bank - NYSE

FlagStar Bank – NYSE


Clear Track Info. Net.


Our Team has been involved in making training and instructional films for over 25 years. The company, with a wealth of experience in fields ranging from industrial to banking to healthcare, provides learning content for a variety of applications from distance learning to classroom support. WiSE conneX’s understanding of how and why people learn combined with its ability to capture obscure and complex ideas in demonstrations, examples, and dramatizations make it a powerful educational resource.

FlagStar Bank - Security

FlagStar Bank – Sec.


Sport Liner

Overhead Door

Overhead Door