Nikolett at The Bitter End, Oct 25 2013

Friday Night, last October 25 at The Bitter End in New York, the South met with the East. Nikolett Pankovits in a fusion of South American rhythms with Hungarian melodies. Bartók’s melancholy spiced with baião, or Seress under blues guitar, or that such Kodály on a Cumbia.

Nikolett as usual left us very impressed with the versatility with which she moved us to his native Hungary through folk tunes flavored with South American rhythms, Hungarian dances to the rhythm of cumbia on the same stage that has seen Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan, this is part of the magic of NYC and Nikolett is one of the protagonists of that magic.

As special guest, Michael Inge, a singer with a mature vocal sound that is a solid throw back to better musical days such as the Motown era soul.

The amalgamated sound Flavio Gaete’s Viola, the Afro-Peruvian Bass of Edward Perez, a variety of percussive Venezuelan rhythms from Joshua Castillo, the guitar solos like the harmonic richness of the accompaniment of Juancho Herrera, made ​​the ideal setting for: the expressive and charming Nikolett voice.


Kis kece lányom

Nikolett Pankovits. Kis kece lányom. Folkloric song - Béla Bartók. New York, October 2012

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