Route Q70

Route Q70

Route Q70

Last summer, trying to get an address via Google Maps, I was a little confused about not getting my usual route, I waited a reasonable time, assuming that for some reason, the servers were under maintenance and the end would the results usual. To my surprise and bewilderment I kept getting the same new results again and again.

I decided to go to the airport and wait at my usual bus stop. Arriving signs announcing a new bus route instead of the one that was last week, and yes, this coincided with the announced in the application on my phone.

I had just discovered the Q70 route that would take me directly to the subway station in just 12 minutes rather than 30 minutes of the previous route. The new route would take me at the same time as would a taxi. How convenient!

By a few months ago I spoke to a friend who worked for the MTA on the idea of ​​optimizing the traffic to and from the airport which would benefit me greatly, as well as multiple travelers who need a fast connection to the main transport system public of the city, the great equalizer, the subway. Immediately called my friend and thanked him , he just laughed, with a “you’re welcome” choppy laughter.

The ability to communicate our ideas, concerns, and even discuss possible solutions is not only an excellent mental exercise and stress reliever, it also ends up being in most cases the propeller being initiatives; because we never know whether the person with whom we are communicating has the tools, capabilities and our solution will materialize, which in turn may be the solution of one and many.

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  1. ¡Genial tus escritos!… Lástima que no me pueda suscribir para que me lleguen a mi correo directamente…

    Genial your writings! … Too bad I can not subscribe to get it directly to my email …

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