SOS Venezuela Concerts NYC June 5, 2014

On Friday, June 5, 2014, we enjoyed a show of solidarity and unity, in a concert for the good of Venezuela.

It was exciting to hear a symphony orchestra assembled made up of young musicians Venezuelan residents in the area and supported by talented local musicians, playing themes acclaimed Venezuelan composer Emilio Castellanos, Mozart, Barber, Beethoven. Conducted by Jan Wagner and Carlos Izcaray.

Contrasting with the second part involving Ali Bello, versatile violinist with his band The Sweet Wire Quartet, playing themes Ali Bello, Simon Diaz, Hugo Blanco, all arranged by Ali, in a sample that talent knows no gender.

The roar of the crowd could not contain himself after the standing ovation Vanessa Perez on piano, at the end of the first part, the second part would follow successive samples of emotion behind each song played by Ali, mixing Venezuelan rhythmic elements, with harmonies jazz, Juancho Herrera on guitar and Cuatro, Bam Bam Rodriguez on Bass, and Neil Ochoa on percussion, was commissioned along with Luis Perdomo Piano and Linda Briceño on trumpet, accompanied Ali in a very emotional performance.

The Orchestra at full back for the third part, and to respond to the amount of deserved applause by the fact that we could bring together the wills of many people in order to draw attention towards justice and welfare in Venezuela.

In gratitude the orchestra had booked a couple of surprises not shown in the program. And Alma Llanera notes filled the room with tears, and nostalgia, full of emotion. When we thought that everything had been completed, Armenteros theme; Venezuela would be played by the orchestra to be chanted throughout the crowd on its feet.

All states to publicize the realities that the Venezuelan people are suffering.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of the concerts in your area and spread the word: @ SOSVEConcerts / @ ConciertosSOSVE

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