The Arepa


The Arepa

Life is full of simplicities, simple things that our creativity is complicated things become. Keep things simple, and simple by nature, requires some attention as a necessary exercise if you want to make complicated things become really simple. We tend to confuse : made ​​with complicated, with interesting with important , and even sometimes confuse it with success.

This trend is often reflected in the most mundane activities, like preparing breakfast. In a natural boost my creativity fill every space, made ​​my breakfast arepas were a different experiment every day, adding to the flour various additives such as milk, different types of cheese, chicken broth, salt, sugar, brown sugar, in various combinations and proportions; every attempt to get the flavor and texture expected was frustrated by moving to the next step of complexity in the recipe. The more elaborate, the farther the result of my original idea.

Experimentation every morning intended to add a new element or a different proportion, which would lead me to taste and texture I wanted. Until one day I decided to return to the initial recipe: Corn Flour, Salt and Water. The result? Dreamed! The flavor and texture that had tasted since childhood, which gave me more satisfaction, had found in the simplicity of the original recipe.

So we do with our plans, continually review them to keep them simple, no extra elements that distract us from our immediate objectives and we remain focused on our long-term goals.


  1. Definitivamente, debemos saborear las pequeñas cosas que hacen que nuestra vida sea ¡Soñada!… Ese rico desayuno, que hacen que tantos hermosos recuerdos lleguen a mi mente como fresca mañana, y me recuerda, que el sol sale todos los días y me invita alcanzar mis metas… Buen provecho para esas ricas arepitas 🙂

    Definitely, we should savor the little things that make our life a Dream Life! … That rich breakfast, which make many beautiful memories come to my mind as fresh morning and reminds me that the sun rises every day and I invites me to achieve my goals … Enjoy your meal with these rich arepitas 🙂

  2. Gracias Dima, en verdad estar más centrado en: hacer las cosas de manera más simple en lugar de formas complicadas, hace toda la diferencia.

    Thank You Dima, truly being more focused on: do things simpler way instead of complicated ways, does all the difference.

  3. Me encantó… Es sencillamente brillante… No había mejor forma de decirlo…

    Loved it … It’s simply brilliant … There was no better way to say …

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