Umbrella. Mother out United Nations claiming help for Venezuela.

Umbrella. Mother out United Nations claiming help for Venezuela.

Back from my trip, I came across a stormy night, I must confess I did not check the weather before leaving the beautiful California weather, so the storm caught me totally off guard.

Now I was a little 3 blocks from my house, a long row in the line of taxis, a torrential rain in front of me, and a desire to go to rest after a week of intense work.

Taxis are over, so now only left me the option to continue waiting or throw to rain as soon abated.

The intensity of rain fell, so I decided to throw myself to walk, had not yet reached the footbridge over the highway, when the rain intensified, leaving me now under the little roof of a shelter.

When a woman oncoming kindly approached me and extended her single umbrella. She could read my face, without a doubt, my desperation to get home, manifested in my tiredness. I waved my hands please, no, I could not accept her umbrella, it was raining heavily and she would get wet. When I tried to say something to her insistence, she interrupted me with one of the calmer voices have been heard: – “You go home now, I’m just checking if it is still raining when I leave, sure, someone will give me a hand also, please accept it”.

Trembling of a mixture of cold, emotion and gratitude, took the umbrella and said tremulous: – “Thank you”. A gesture that made ​​me regain hope for the human being living with me in this jungle of asphalt and steel.

Back home, in the rain, with little or much protection that gave me that umbrella full of magic, under such driving, I could not stop thinking about the goodness of the human being who showed solidarity in situations of adversity. Fito through my brain: “Who said that all is lost?, I come to offer my heart”.

I’ve never seen again this woman. But I still have that little leopard print umbrella, which although does not go with my style, it reminds me every time I see that there is always hope.

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  1. Los he leído todos… Son magistrales tus líneas… Estaré pendiente por leerte los próximos…

    I’ve read them all… They are master your lines… I’ll read you the next pending…

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